Monday, August 4, 2008


 So I have a half lease. I have had a half lease for two months. Not the same person I mentioned last time, but a different woman who found the same ad. She has been wonderful, but she is currently unreachable. My horrible history with half leases makes me a little nervous right now. I know that she had mentioned that at some point she would be out of town in August, but I also figured that she would remind me, as I remind her when I'll be out of town for the weekend. It is a problem since board was due on the first. It is taken care of, for now, but this means I have zero dollars until the 15th. I'd like to pay my electricity bill, I'm sure the city would appreciate it, too, and I have two wedding gifts to buy. Since both gifts are needed on the 16th, it is going to be quite a challenge.
 Since the half lease began, my horse has made some great improvements. She and I discussed options and treatments, and since then he has been on a joint supplement that has worked WONDERS, and we have changed his warm up routine. His right side has been the epicenter of all of the stiffness, so we work his left first, trot and canter, then canter and trot on the right. This seems to eradicate any problems that the supplement doesn't take care of. For a long time I have had problems getting him to pick up the correct lead tracking right, presumably of the arthritis on that side. Recently it has been much easier, and we often get it on the first try. This is a huge triumph, as the problem began to present itself at least eight years ago. He is even quick cantering right, and my horse has never been known for speed.
 For a horse that just turned eighteen, he is doing very well, and is acting much more like a ten year old. The extra spunk he has does mean that I'll have to work him before I teach a kid's lesson, but the twenty pounds I've gained the last two years makes me think that is not such a bad thing.
 Rain is supposed to come through my part of Texas tomorrow and Wednesday, so I likely will not ride again this week (I will be out of town this weekend). Normally she and I meet at the farm on Tuesdays to collaborate, but I don't know that it'll happen this week. Here's to hoping I hear from her soon. 

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allhorsestuff said...

Hi there heals!
I am having a bit of insomnia and found you from another blog.
I love your beautiful horse and am sorry that you have been unable to find a half leaser!
I have a friend at my stable that is having the same problem and when I started to read your words on the issue I could suddenly hear her voice saying them!
Well, it could be the hour and that I miss her, she actually relocated in NY and her gelding "Cougar's Gold" Thoroughbred/Conamara cross ,is still in Oregon...without a leaser so he'll go to a pasture board situation soon with a friend.
I hope that someone lovely finds you and your gentleman horse soon.
Be seeing you around, KK